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        Corporate Promotional Video / Educational Video / Sports Video / Post Production / Audio Recording & Production

        Video marketing is one of the best and most engaging ways to capture your audience's attention. As experts in online video we love to work with game-changing brands, inspired companies & thriving individuals in creating engaging content that communicates your story. Video is the heart of BANTER and a huge part of our origin so you can be assured that our team has over 20 years of combined experience in creating amazing video content.


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        Enterprise Web Development / Wordpress Websites / Umbraco Development / Mobile Apps / UX Design & Analysis / Wireframe & Prototyping

        A website should reflect your unique value proposition in such a way that you capture your audience's attention. Your website is a tool and should be aligned with your business strategic goals. The purpose of your business in the digital space is what dictates our approach in crafting your website. From simply communicating who you are (company profile) to building complex platforms (e-learning) we have the talent and experience to foster engagement and drive consumer actions.


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        Paid Media / Social Analysis / Strategy & Innovation / Account Management / Marketing Training

        Marketing is one of the most critical parts of your business. It needs to be able to effectively reach your audience and communicate your business value proposition to your prospects. With so many new marketing channels, popping up almost daily, it’s really hard to understand what is best for your business and to follow all the updates that are taking place.


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        Experience Design / Company Branding / Brand Identity Audits / Brand Creation / Brand Development / Market Research

        Branding is all about your company public image. It is all these elements that define and create your brand identity. Branding is an art, has to be relevant and clearly communicate your company values. The challenge is to achieve having your targeted audience to align with your brand, and an ideal outcome is to do this in such a way that your customers become brand advocates.


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